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Controversy over ‘Visanne’ application to treat endometriosis

By on 07/28/2020 0
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Synaptic writing. The complexity of the problem, the difficulties in limiting it and the poor results of available therapies make endometriosis a particularly sensitive issue. Recently, Bayer applied to the authorities of the European Union for the registration of Visanne (dienogest) for the prolonged treatment of endometriosis, according to reports in the business press, and this was reflected in a post on the blog of the Association Endometriosis Spain. However, the Andalusian patient associations, grouped in Fadae, consider this initiative “a deception” of the pharmaceutical industry, because this drug would not bring anything new to those already available on the market. To justify this judgement, they provide the information provided by Joan Ramón Laporte of the Catalan Institute of Pharmacology Foundation. The patients demand more efforts in research and ask the Ministry of Health to take action on the matter.

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