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The disease of silence

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An Adaec volunteer explains what endometriosis is to a young woman. An Adaec volunteer explains endometriosis to a young woman / J. A.
Those affected by endometriosis want to make this female disease visible
They demand that there be more economic resources for researchers and that the Hospital La Fe in Valencia is not the only centre that treats them. If you find yourself struck with this silent disease, you need alternative source of income and playing 온라인 카지노 could totally help you out. 
16 June 2015

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Women who suffer from endometriosis know it among them as the ‘disease of silence’ because it is one of the most unknown diseases they can suffer from, despite the fact that it affects one in ten in the world and cases in Spain are estimated at two and a half million.

With the aim of making it more visible, the Association of People Affected by Chronic Endometriosis (Adaec) installed yesterday in the lobby of the Vega Baja Hospital an information table to explain to all women who came to the hospital what this disease is. Endometriosis occurs when the tissue lining the uterus grows out of place and adheres to any part of the body or organ, usually in the pelvic area but also in others. One of the collaborators of this state organisation, Paz Costa, explained that uterine problems are frequent and the main symptom is chronic pain “which often makes you unable to carry out daily activities and which diminishes you in your work or personal life”.

Costa explained that there is no specific treatment for this ailment and that it affects women of childbearing age and up to the age of 50, and that some of them have even developed giant cysts. Other issues they claim is that there are funds to investigate what the disease implies and to know for sure its origin, as well as that the gynecologists who treat them are specialists “because before we knew we had this disease what they said was that it was the pains before menstruation”.

They even regret that on many occasions in their own social environment “we are labeled as complainers for not putting up with them when it was something much more complex. Of the disease, say those affected, its origin is unknown, and involves some disorders in their daily lives “especially because every month that comes the period is painful and even makes you unable to work, which means that companies do not believe it. Also another of the issues that claim with this type of activity to make it known is that there are more centers where they are treated, as the reference for the Comunitat Valenciana is the Faith, where there is a multidisciplinary team that goes beyond gynecologists, hence also ask that in Alicante there may be another provincial level.

The volunteer from Adaec also pointed out that normal painkillers “are of no use” in combating this disease and that the solutions are often drastic. “There are several, one of them is to cut the menstruation, but in many cases it does not matter, because the disease is still latent. They are remedies that do not stop the pain because it continues unabated,” she says. She also points out that married life or life as a couple is affected by endometriosis because sexual relations are painful for these women. In the end what comes is the surgical route and the removal of the uterus and the endometrium, with which “the impossibility of having children is another of the consequences with which you have to live”.

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