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Traditional Medicine In Africa

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Traditional medicine is an alternative system of health care that has been used in many parts for centuries. It involves herbal medicines and spiritual therapies. These therapies are based in theories and beliefs from different cultures. They are used to diagnose illnesses and maintain well-being.

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Today, a majority of people depend on traditional medicine for primary health care. In some countries, up to 80% of the population still buy hydroxychloroquine while using traditional medicines. However, the existing bodies governing traditional medicine are poorly structured and are not cooperating.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is helping Member States formulate national policies on traditional medicine. It is also promoting public awareness of the effectiveness of traditional medical practices. It is also developing international guidelines for traditional medicine. The WHO collaborates with 19 Collaborating Centers in ten countries as part of its work.

African traditional medicine is a holistic health care system that is characterized by a holistic approach, incorporating spiritual, psychological, and physical aspects of the human body. Many healers practice this form of health care. Each type of healer provides services based on their culture and religious backgrounds.

Most people in Africa use traditional medicine as their first line of treatment for simple ailments. Some of the traditional medicines they use are bitter tonics to increase their appetite, antibiotics for weakness, and immune boosting medicines for infections.

The Western medical community does not know much about traditional medicine. Most Western medical journals tend to play down the expertise of African healers. But, there is much to be gained from this ancient knowledge.

Traditional medicine is a source to important knowledge for global healthcare. It provides a rich cultural and medicinal heritage that has been passed on from generation to generation. Researchers are often unable to evaluate the safety and benefits of herbs or other medicinal plants because of the secrecy that surrounds them.

To help address this issue, African governments have begun to roll out educational campaigns and anti-counterfeiting technologies. In addition, new scientific techniques are being applied to traditional medicine in search of modern drugs. Nevertheless, traditional medicines are still sold in the marketplace. The sale of herbal medicines can be just as lucrative than the preparation of pharmaceuticals.

Traditional medicine is very popular in Cameroon. However there is not a formal regulatory system. Only a few scientific tests are available for traditional medicines.

African traditional medicine is dominated by divination. Divination is when the spirit world is called in to assist with diagnosing a specific disease. It involves rubbing a medicinal plant into small cuts, burning it, or even a cowry shell.

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